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Drone Spraying

Revolutionizing agriculture, our drone spraying service offers precise and efficient applications of fertilisers and pesticides. Covering vast farmlands, it ensures optimal crop health and increased productivity, with a spray time of 7-8 minutes. Our advanced drones incorporate state-of-the-art technology, ensuring precision and efficiency in spraying, providing farmers with a sustainable and effective solution for crop management.

AI Soil Testing

Our AI-enabled soil testing service redefines the way farmers approach soil health. In just 90 seconds, receive quick and accurate results, along with detailed reports and smart testing recommendations. This technology empowers farmers to make informed decisions, leading to better yields and sustainable agriculture practices.


Input Marketplace

Explore a diverse marketplace for all your agricultural inputs at Salam Kisan, with a range of over 200 products. From top-quality seeds to precision fertilizers, our platform offers a one-stop solution for farmers. Access the best resources conveniently, ensuring your crops get the care they deserve for optimal growth and productivity.

AI Crop Calendar

Immerse yourself in precision agriculture with our AI Crop Calendar at Salam Kisan. From land preparation to harvesting, our calendar provides insights, chemical dosage recommendations, and strategic crop planning. Empowering farmers with data-driven insights for every stage of cultivation, we pave the way for a prosperous harvest.


Salam Kisan Center

Step into the heart of agricultural knowledge and resources at Salam Kisan Centers. More than hubs, these centers are community spaces fostering collaboration and learning. Access services, attend workshops, and get expert advice - all under one roof. Join us in building a connected and knowledgeable farming community.

Transport & Storage

Facilitating the logistics of agriculture, we provide transportation solutions and storage facilities. Salam Kisan transforms storage concerns into solutions. Our platform offers farmers a list of storage options, precisely matched to their location. Enhance your harvest management with personalized storage choices, ensuring the safety and quality of your produce.


Weather Forecast

Stay ahead with Salam Kisan's tailored weather forecasts. Specifically designed for different regions, our forecasts help farmers plan activities, manage risks, and optimize farming strategies based on real-time weather data. Empower your farming decisions with accurate and timely weather insights.

FPO Model

Collaborate with Salam Kisan through our Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) model to streamline agricultural processes. This model aims to reduce cultivation costs, enhance productivity, and ensure fair returns for farmers by collectively addressing challenges. Join us in reshaping the future of agriculture.


Expert Advice

Connect with our agricultural experts, the Crop Doctors, at Salam Kisan for personalized advice. Whether it's pest management, crop diseases, or general farming queries, our experts provide timely guidance to support farmers in making informed decisions. Harness the power of knowledge and experience for a thriving farm.

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